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Specifications for Environmental Concrete Structures (ACI 350.5-12) 2

Specifications for Environmental Concrete Structures (ACI 350.5-12)


1.2—Definitionsaccepted—determined to be satisfactory by Architect/Engineer.ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician Grade I—a person who has demonstrated knowledge and ability to perform and record the results of ASTM standard tests on freshly mixed concrete and to make and cure test speci-mens. Such knowledge and ability shall be demonstrated by passing prescribed written and performance examinations and having credentials that are current with ACI.

ACI Reference Specification—a standardized manda-tory-language document prescribing materials, dimensions, and workmanship incorporated by reference in contract documents with information in the Mandatory Require-ments Checklist required to be provided in the Project Specification. Architect/Engineer—Architect, Engineer, architectural firm, engineering firm, or architectural and engineering firm issuing Contract Documents, administering the Work under Contract Documents, or both. architectural concrete—concrete designated by Archi-tect/Engineer as requiring a specified appearance. backshores—shores placed snugly under a concrete slab or structural member after the original formwork and shores have been removed from a small area at a time, without allowing the slab or member to deflect, or support its own weight or existing construction loads.

Contract Documents—a set of documents supplied by Owner to Contractor as the basis for construction; these documents contain contract forms, contract conditions, specifications, drawings, addenda, and contract changes. Contractor—person, firm, or entity under contract for construction of the Work.core wall—portion of the externally prestressed circular concrete tank wall placed in circumferential compression by pre stressing .cover coat—the layer or layers of shotcrete applied over the wire coat of an externally prestressed circular concrete tank wall.diaphragm—thin metal sheet formed with vertical ribs embedded within the core wall of circular externally prestressed concrete tanks.duct—a conduit (plain or corrugated) to accommodate prestressing steel for post-tensioned to view—portion of structure that can be observed by the user during normal use.finish coat—final layer of shotcrete placed on the cover coat of an externally prestressed circular concrete tank wall.high-early-strength concrete—concrete that, through the use of ASTM C150 Type III cement or admixtures, is capable of attaining specified strength at an earlier age than normal concrete.

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