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Design Considerations for Environmental Engineering Concrete Structures 2

Design Considerations for Environmental Engineering Concrete Structures


This report outlines design considerations that are unique to environmental engineering concrete structures and associated buildings. Environmental engineering concrete structures are defined in ACI 350 as concrete structures intended for conveying, storing, or treating water, wastewater, or other nonhazardous liquids, and for the secondary containment of hazardous liquids. Applicable building codes and otherindustry standards should be consulted for load and design considerations not included herein. The engineer shouldcheck with the local building department to confirm theapplicable building code for the project location and determine if there are any local amendments.

The structural design recommendations given herein should be regarded as common industry practice and arerecommended for general use. Any special structural features, unusual loading conditions, or unusual exposure conditions may require special design considerations toachieve a higher level of performance than implied by theseminimum recommendations.

Environmental engineering concrete structures should bedesigned and constructed in conformance with ACI 350/350R, 350.1, 350.2R, and 350.3. References 1 through 3 mayalso be useful in the design of liquid-containing structures.

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