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ASDIP Retain software for retaining walls design 2

ASDIP Retain software for retaining walls design

ASDIP Retain is a comprehensive software designed for the engineering and design of retaining walls. It provides engineers with a powerful tool to efficiently analyze and design various types of retaining walls under different loading and soil conditions. The version you mentioned would include specific features and updates relevant to the time of its release.

Key features typically included in ASDIP Retain software are:

  1. Design Capabilities: It supports the design of cantilever, restrained (basement), and gravity retaining walls according to the latest building codes and standards.
  2. Load Analysis: The software allows for the input of various loads, including soil pressure, live loads, dead loads, wind loads, and seismic loads, with the ability to consider their combinations as per applicable design codes.
  3. Soil Pressure Calculations: ASDIP Retain can calculate lateral soil pressures including at-rest, active, and passive pressures, considering the effects of surcharge loads, water table, and soil stratification.
  4. Material Specifications: Users can specify materials for the retaining wall components, including concrete, reinforcement steel, and soil properties, which are crucial for the design checks.
  5. Design Checks and Detailing: The software performs comprehensive design checks for strength and stability, including sliding, overturning, bearing capacity, and wall and footing design for flexure and shear. It also provides reinforcement detailing recommendations.
  6. Reports and Diagrams: Detailed reports and diagrams are generated, showing the design calculations, required reinforcement, and pressure distributions, making it easier for engineers to review and validate their designs.
  7. User Interface: ASDIP Retain is known for its user-friendly interface, which allows for quick input of design parameters and easy navigation through design options and results.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information about ASDIP Retain, including its specific features, updates, and how to obtain the software, it’s best to visit the official ASDIP Structural Software website or contact their support team directly. They can provide detailed product information, pricing, licensing options, and technical support.

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