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[2024] CSI ETABS v22 Download full 2

[2024] CSI ETABS v22 Download full

Etabs v22, software for analysis and design of construction systems. It provides an unmatched set of tools for structural engineers designing buildings, whether they are working on single-story structures or the tallest commercial skyscrapers.

Some new features in Etabs v22

  • Added evaluation of serviceability of steel frame floor systems subject to walking vibrations in accordance with AISC Design Guide 11, Chapter 7.
  • An enhancement was made to add the ability to automatically generate non-linear frame hinges per ASCE 41-23 recommendations
  • Conversion of curved concrete beams to facing slabs available. Until now only straight beams could be converted.
  • Added response spectrum function for Kyrgyztan “SNiP KR 20-02:2018”.
  • Added automatic wind loading for Vietnamese code TCVN 2737:2023.
  • Added AISC 360-22 design code for design of steel structures (including AISC 341-22 Seismic Provisions), design of composite beams, design of composite columns, and design of steel connections.
  • Added composite column design per CSA S16-19 design code.
  • The steel beam design has been improved with the following new features: Added the new beam design code SJI 100-2020. A new steel beam section type, “Custom Beam Section,” has been added, the definition of which includes component section data. A detailed calculation report has been implemented.
  • An improvement was made to add joint cutting design for ACI 318-19 concrete frame design. Joint cutting is now performed for: Ordinary Moment Frames (OMF) in Seismic Design Category (SDC) B, using the nominal flexural strength of the beams. Intermediate moment frames (IMF), using the nominal bending resistance of the beams. Special moment frame (SMF), using the probable bending resistance of the beams.
  • An improvement has been added for special structural concrete shear walls per ACI 318-19. The design is now carried out using the amplified factored shear force, Ve = Omega_v * w_v * Vu < 3.0 * Vu) according to section This Special Structural Walls check was not present in previous versions.
  • An improvement was made to the ACI 318-19 concrete frame design code so that it now considers the interaction of shear forces in the major and minor directions in a column per sections and
  • An improvement has been made to speed up beam design by using parallel processing.
  • The design of steel beams according to the 2010 SJI code has been improved so that design calculations can now be exported to reports and tables.
  • A new materials library has been added for US materials based on ASTM A1085/1085M specifications.
  • New frame section libraries have been added conforming to AISC Shapes Database v16.0.
  • Automatic wind load calculations for AS/NZS 1170.2:2011 and 2021 load codes have been added to the project report.
  • The ETABS v22 API has been updated to support .NET 8.

System requirements

  • Operating system:  Windows 10/11 (64-bit only)
  • Ram Memory:  8 GB Minimum
  • Screen resolution: 1920×1080 or higher

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