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Lumion 12.5 | 12 |11.5 Pro Full (Lifetime) – Include Installation Tutorial


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Product Description

Lumion Pro 12 is real-time 3D rendering and architecture software. In seconds, you can visualize CAD models in a video or image with real-life environments and stunning art style.

Lumion makes rendering accessible to all architects, making it an easy and enjoyable process to bring life and atmosphere to the project, integrate realistic materials, and tell a story with surroundings and lighting.

No matter what your CAD software is or if you have previous rendering experience, you can import your model from Revit, 3ds Max, SketchUp, AutoCAD, Rhino or ArchiCAD, among many other modeling programs, and Lumion will bring your designs to life with realistic landscapes and urban context, stylish effects and thousands of objects and materials from the content library. With over 6,000 models and 1,250 materials in the Lumion content library, there’s no limit to displaying exterior, interior, landscape, or street designs.

New in Lumion Pro 12

  • Please note that projects and models saved in version 12.0 cannot be opened in earlier versions of Lumion.
  • New volumetric spotlight effect that allows a visible beam of light to be projected across the scene, adding atmosphere and dimension for a beautiful cinematic ambience.
  • Give your visualizations a touch of character with 142 new surface decals. With one click, it will transform walls and other surfaces, from wall art to damage, including watermarks, exposed brick, moss, chalk drawings, paint marks, road markings, potholes, and much more.
  • New Object Type Utilities category for each character billboard object: Ease the workflow of creating 2D objects, such as 2D people, 2D silhouettes, and other 2D content that faces the camera.
  • New objects in the object library: 570 new elements and 65 new materials to help you tell the story of your design.
  • Improved Scene Construction: The entire program is faster and smoother, allowing inspiration to drive the creative process. Rendering is cleaner, smoother, and more efficient. Helping you dive into the heart of your design as you enjoy the journey along the way.
  • LiveSync for Autodesk Formit: Lumion LiveSync creates a real-time connection between Lumion’s richly detailed and realistic environments and popular 3D modeling and CAD programs. When you model in your CAD software, such as AutoCAD or Revit, Lumion immediately visualizes your design options complete with real-life lighting, atmosphere, and other conditions. Lumion is now available for Autodesk FormIt.
  • Lumion is fully compatible with Autodesk Revit , Autodesk FormIt Pro, Rhinoceros, SketchUp, Vectorworks, AutoCAD, Archicad, BricsCAD, AllPlan, 3ds Max, and many more.

With Lumion , you can bring your vision to life and tell a richer, more immersive story about the design’s role in the real world.  A story that sparks imagination and helps clients fully visualize how life could unfold within those four walls.

Lumion helps architects unveil their designs as lived-in spaces, capturing the deeply personal connection between a building, the people who inhabit it, and all the unique objects they bring with them.

You can render more than a building.  Render your client’s dream home, render a story about design that moves emotions, render the space where life happens.

The latest version of Lumion reinforces its ability to make spaces feel alive with the everyday activities that occur there.  You can let your imagination loose and tell a story about a room, a building, or even the entire project, exactly as you see it in your mind’s eye.



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is the installation lifetime? will i need to renew after a certain period?

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