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CSI ETABS Essential Training Course


CSI ETABS Essential Training Course + 2 Free Reviews to your Real Design Projects


Teaching medium will be Online (Zoom/MS Teams)

ETABS (Extended 3D Analysis of Building Systems) is a FEM based software. It offers a single user interface to perform: Modeling, Analysis, Design, Detailing and Reporting. A new model explorer is available for quick access to objects, properties, and forms. CSI ETABS gives the integrated analysis, design and drafting of building systems with latest design procedures and international design codes

  • Course Coverage:
    ❖ Introduction (ETABS Software)
    ❖ Introduction to Structure Types (Concrete, Steel and Masonry)
    ❖ Boundary Conditions (Supports)
    ❖ Axis and Sign Convention
    ❖ Geometric Modeling
    ❖ Sectional and Material properties
    ❖ Element Modeling & Property modifiers
    ❖ Section Optimization (Auto Select List)
    ❖ Point, UDL, VDL Loads
    ❖ Earthquake Load Application
    ❖ Wind Load Application
    ❖ Introduction to ASCE-10 (Loads) & UBC-97
    ❖ Load Combinations
    ❖ Inbuilt Checks for Geometric Model
    ❖ How to get Analysis Results
    ❖ How to get Design Results
    ❖ Variation of Design Parameters
    ❖ Practical Examples
    ❖ Execution of Small Model
  • Detailed Topics
    1. Analysis and Design of Frame Building (Step by Step full Project)
    2. Equivalent Frame Method in CSI ETABS (For Earthquake/Seismic Designs

Participant Profile:
This course is designed for civil engineers, diploma holders (DAEs), B.Sc. Civil engineering & Technologist, architects, engineers, building engineers, engineering students and all those who want to enhance their skills in civil structures analysis and design.

Course Duration:
Total = 24 hours
3 to 4 weeks (6 hours per week)
* Note: This is tentative time and the time for classes may vary depending upon assignment tasks.


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