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CSI SAFE Essential Training Course


CSI SAFE Essential Training Course + 2 Free Reviews to your Real Design Projects


Teaching medium will be Online (Zoom/MS Teams)

CSI SAFE (Slab Analysis by the Finite Element Method) is the best tool for designing concrete slabs and foundations. SAFE provide easiness to engineer towards the safe design of structures with powerful tools like draw, analyze, design and detailing etc.
Laying out models is quick and efficient way with the user-friendly drawing tools, or user can import model layouts from AutoCAD or loading conditions from other software’s like CSI ETABS and CSI SAP2000.

Course Coverage:
1) Introduction, Define Material, Define Slab Section
2) Define Beam Properties
3) Define Column Properties, Load pattern load case load combination
4) Define Soil Subgrade Modulas
5) Mass Source as per ASCE
6) Concrete Slab with or without Drop Panel
7) Edit Geometry by 3 Different Tools
8) Import Cad (Architectural grids clxf dwg files)
9) Isolated Footing Detailed design with concept pat I
10) Combined Footing Design Detailed
11) Mat or Raft Foundation Design
12) Export foundation from CSI ETA8S or SAP2000 to CSI SAFE.
13) Strap Foundation

Participant Profile:
This course is designed for civil engineers, diploma holders (DAEs), B.Sc. Civil engineering & Technologist, architects, engineers, building engineers, engineering students and all those who want to enhance their skills in civil structures analysis and design.

Course Duration:
Total = 18 hours
3 to 4 weeks (6 hours per week)
* Note: This is tentative time and the time for classes may vary depending upon assignment tasks.


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