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Inspection Services Specification for Cast-in-Place Concrete Construction 2

Inspection Services Specification for Cast-in-Place Concrete Construction


This Reference Specifica-tion sets the minimum requirements for quality assurance inspection of cast-in-place concrete whenever inspection services are required by the local building codes or the Contract Documents. It includes inspection requirements for preplacement (reinforcement, forms, and embedments), placement (conveyance and consolidation), and post-place-ment (finishing, curing, stressing, grouting, and formwork removal) of cast-in-place concrete, as well as requirements for personnel qualification and inspection agency accredi-tation.

All inspection services required in this specification shall be performed by an inspection agency engaged by the Owner.1.1.2Independence—An inspection agency shall be objective, competent, and independent from the Contractor responsible for the Work being inspected. The Owner or the Owner’s Representative shall not delegate these services to the Contractor, Construction Manager, Construc-tion Manager at Risk, or any other party responsible for constructing the Work.1.1.3 Coordination with Contractor—The Owner shall instruct the Contractor to coordinate with the inspection agency, provide access to the Work, and provide notification when Work is ready for inspection.

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