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Specification for Cast-in-Place Concrete Pipe 2

Specification for Cast-in-Place Concrete Pipe


This specification covers construction of earth-supported cast-in-place concrete pipe (CIPCP). This specifi-cation covers construction of CIPCP with a diameter up to120 in.

CIPCP shall conform to ACI 301, Section 1 forgeneral concrete requirements, Section 4 for concretemixture design, and Section 5 for concrete handling or asspecified in Contract Documents.

This list supplements ACI 301, Section 1.2. Defined for general use in these specifications are the following: backfill—fill starting at top of pipe and continuing to surface or finished grade or subgrade. boulders—rocks having any dimension larger than 12 in. Contract Documents—a set of documents supplied by Owner to Contractor as the basis for construction; these documents contain contract forms, contract conditions, specifications, drawings, addenda, and contract changes.

differential displacement—linear offset distance betweentwo pieces of pipe measured along plane of—soil or rock other than flowable granular materials.jetting—water densification of backfill accomplished bythe use of a jet pipe to which a hose is attached, carrying acontinuous supply of water under pressure to the lift ofbackfill material to be densified.

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