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Guide for Concrete Highway Bridge Deck Construction 2

Guide for Concrete Highway Bridge Deck Construction


The deck of a highway bridge serves both structural andfunctional purposes for the structure. As a structuralcomponent, it provides the load path to safely transfer forcesfrom wheel loads to the supporting superstructure and substructure elements. It may also contribute, throughcomposite action, to the performance of primary super structure components.

Equally, the construction and condition of adeck directly impacts serviceability or the ability of thestructure to safely and efficiently carry highway traffic byproviding smoothness, skid resistance, and resistance todeflections under wheel loads.

The riding surface of a highway bridge deck should provide a continuation of the pavement segments that it connects. The surface should befree from characteristics or profile deviations that impart objectionable or unsafe riding qualities. The desirable qualities should persist with minimum maintenance throughout theprojected service life of the structure

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