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Reinforced Concrete Design 2nd Edition Sunnikrishna Pillai 2

Reinforced Concrete Design 2nd Edition Sunnikrishna Pillai

Book Description

Preference :
Traditionally, the study of reinforced concrete design begins directly with a chapter on materials, followed by chapters dealing with design. In this book, a departure is made from that convention.

It is desirable for the student to have first an overview of the world of reinforced concrete structures, before plunging into the finer details of the subject. Accordingly, this chapter gives a general introduction to reinforced concrete and its applications.

It also explains the role of structural design in reinforced-concrete construction and outlines the various structural systems that are commonly adopted in buildings.

Content :

  • Reinforced Concrete Structures
  • Basic Material Properties
  • Basic Design Concepts
  • Behaviour In Flexure
  • Design Of Beams And One-way Slabs For Flexure
  • Design For Shear
  • Design For Torsion
  • Design For Bond
  • Analysis For Design Moments In Continuous Systems
  • Serviceability Limit States: Deflection And Cracking
  • Design Of Two-way Slab Systems
  • Design Of Staircases
  • Design Of Compression Members
  • Design Of Footings And Retaining Walls
  • Good Detailing And Construction Practices
  • Special Provisions For Earthquake-resistant Design
  • Selected Special Topics

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