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AutoCAD 2020 Beginners Guide Richard F. Fellows 2

AutoCAD 2020 Beginners Guide Richard F. Fellows

Book Description

Preference :
CAD is an abbreviation for Computer-Aided Design. It is the process used to design and draft components on your computer. This process includes creating designs and drawings of the product or system. AutoCAD is a CAD software package developed and marketed by Autodesk Inc. It can be used to create two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) models of products.

These models can be transferred to other computer programs for further analysis and testing. In addition, you can convert these computer models into numerical data. This numerical data can be used in manufacturing equipment such as machining centers, lathes, mills, or rapid prototyping machines to manufacture the product.

Content :

  • 1: Introduction to AutoCAD 2020
  • 2: Drawing Basics in AutoCAD
  • 3: Drawing Aids in AutoCAD
  • 4: Editing Tools in AutoCAD
  • 5: Multi-View Drawings in AutoCAD
  • 6: Dimensions and Annotations in AutoCAD
  • 7: Parametric Tools in AutoCAD
  • 8: Section Views in AutoCAD
  • 9: Blocks, Attributes, and Xrefs in AutoCAD
  • 10: Layouts & Annotative Objects in AutoCAD
  • 11: Templates and Plotting in AutoCAD
  • 12: 3D Modeling Basics in AutoCAD
  • 13: Solid Editing Tools & Generating 2D Views

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