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Prestressed Concrete Design to Eurocodes Bhatt, Prab 2

Prestressed Concrete Design to Eurocodes Bhatt, Prab

Book Description

The object of this book is to assist students and professional engineers to design prestressed concrete structures using Eurocodes 1, 2, and 8. It is assumed that the reader is familiar with the design of reinforced concrete structures.

The book is suitable not only for professional engineers familiar with the prestressed concrete design but also for use in university courses as sufficient introductory material has been included.

Eurocodes related to design in structural concrete are very substantial documents and the present book has been kept to a manageable length by confining the attention to rules related mainly to prestressed concrete design. All important clauses are discussed in detail and their use illustrated by copious examples. Complete calculations are given for all numerical examples.

Content :

  • 1. Basic Concepts  
  • 2. Technology of Prestressing  
  • 3. Material Properties  
  • 4. Serviceability Limit State Design of Pre-tensioned Beams  
  • 5. Bonded Post-tensioned Structures  
  • 6. Statically Indeterminate Post-tensioned Structures  
  • 7. Ultimate Bending Strength Calculations  
  • 8. Analysis Of Cracked Section  
  • 9. Ultimate Shear and Torsional Strength Calculations  
  • 10. Crackwidth Calculations  
  • 11. Loss of Prestress  
  • 12. Design of Slabs  
  • 13. Design for Punching Shear  
  • 14. Loading on Buildings  
  • 15. Loading on Bridges  
  • 16. Analysis and Design of Bridge Decks  
  • 17. Lower Bound Approaches to Design at Ultimate Limit State  
  • 18. Design for Earthquake  
  • 19. Miscellaneous Topics

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