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Design of Reinforced Concrete, 10th Edition Jack C. McCormac 2

Design of Reinforced Concrete, 10th Edition Jack C. McCormac

Book Description

Design of Reinforced Concrete, 10th Edition by Jack McCormac and Russell Brown, introduces the fundamentals of reinforced concrete design in a clear and comprehensive manner and grounded in the basic principles of mechanics of solids. Students build on their understanding of basic mechanics to learn new concepts such as compressive stress and strain in concrete while applying the current ACI Code.

Content :

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Flexural Analysis of Beams
  • 3 Strength Analysis of Beams According to ACI Code
  • 4 Design of Rectangular Beams and One-Way Slabs
  • 5 Analysis and Design of T Beams and Doubly Reinforced Beams
  • 6 Serviceability 
  • 7 Bond, Development Lengths, and Splices
  • 8 Shear and Diagonal Tension
  • 9 Introduction to Columns
  • 10 Design of Short Columns Subject to Axial Load and Bending
  • 11 Slender Columns 
  • 12 Footings
  • 13 Retaining Walls
  • 14 Continuous Reinforced Concrete Structures
  • 15 Torsion
  • 16 Two-Way Slabs, Direct Design Method
  • 17 Two-Way Slabs, Equivalent Frame Method 
  • 18 Walls
  • 19 Prestressed Concrete
  • 20 Reinforced Concrete Masonry 

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