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Concrete Technology, 2nd Edition A. M. Neville 2

Concrete Technology, 2nd Edition A. M. Neville


The success of any concrete structure depends on the designer’s sound knowledge of concrete and its behaviour under load, under temperature and humidity changes, and under exposure to the relevant environment and industrial conditions.

This book gives students a thorough understanding of all aspects of concrete technology from first principles. It covers concrete ingredients, properties and behaviour in the finished structure with reference to national standards and recognised testing methods used in Britain, the European Union and the United States. Examples and problems are given throughout to emphasise the important aspects of each chapter.

An excellent coursebook for all students of Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering and Building at degree or diploma level, Concrete Technology will also be a valuable reference book for practising engineers in the field.

Table of Contents

1. Concrete As A Structural Material.
2. Cement.
3. Normal Aggregate.
4. Quality Of Water.
5. Fresh Concrete.
6. Strength Of Concrete.
7. Mixing, Handling, Placing And Compacting Concrete.
8. Admixtures.
9. Temperature Problems In Concreting.
10. Development Of Strength.
11. Other Strength Properties.
12. Elasticity And Creep.
13. Deformation And Cracking Independent Of Load.
14. Permeability And Durability.
15. Resistance To Freezing And Thawing.
16. Testing.
17. Compliance With Specifications.
18. Lightweight Concrete.
19. Mix Design.
20. Special Concretes.
An Overview.

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