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[Spreadsheet] Masonry Load Calculations 2

[Spreadsheet] Masonry Load Calculations


How to calculate dead load of brick wall


Length of brickwall = 1 meter

Height of brick wall = 2.5 meter

Thickness of brickwall = 6″=152mm

Thickness in meter = 0.152 m

Density of brick wall with mortar is about ranging between 1600-2200 kg/m3

So we consider self weight of brick wall is 2200 kg/m3 in this calculation

A) volume of brick wall

Volume of brickwall = l × b ×h

Length = 1 meter

Width = 0.152 mm

Height of wall = 2.5 meter

Volume = 1m× 0.152 m× 2.5 m

Volume of brick wall = 0.38 m3

B) dead load of brick wall

Weight = volume × density

Dead load = 0.38 m3 × 2200 kg/m3

Dead load = 836 kg/m

It will be convert into kilo Newton by dividing with 100 we will get 8.36 kN/m

[Spreadsheet] Masonry Load Calculations 3

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