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RCM ACI Builder v5.3.0.2 download Full 2

RCM ACI Builder v5.3.0.2 download Full

RCM ACI-Builder software is a flexible tool gives the structural engineers the ability to design most types of reinforced concrete members according to ACI318M-11 code.The advantage of this software is generating full detailed design output report with full formulas and illustrative figures,Therefore; RCM not only consider as a flexible tool for practical design problems, but also it is suitable for educational purposes since it guides the engineers to learn ACI code in depth.

RCM ACI-Builder Design Platform consists of the following Items:

  • A. Design of flexural members (Rectangular and T-Shape Sections):
    • A.1-Determine section characteristic under balance case, singly reinforced section & doubly reinforced section.
    • A.2-Calculate area of steel according to applied moment.
    • A.3-Calculate moment according to provided area of steel.
  • B. Design of Shear under following cases:
    • B.1– Members subject to shear and flexure only.
    • B.2– Members subject to shear and axial compression.
    • B.3– Members subject to shear and significant axial tension.
  • C. Design of combined shear and torsion under both cases of compatibility and equilibrium torsion.
  • D. Design of punching for prestressed and non-prestressed members with all column geometry cases: interior, edge & corner columns.
  • E. Control of immediate and long term deflection for beams and slabs.
  • F. Design of corbels and brackets.
  • G. Control of flexural cracking in beams and one-way slabs.
  • H. Design of pile-caps with most general geometry cases: 2,3,4,5 & Strip-Pile Caps.
  • I. Design of isolated footings under eccentrically and concentrically case of loading.

RCM.ACI.Builder v5.3.0.2

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