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200 Short Questions and Answers in Civil Engineering by Vincent T. H. Chu 2

200 Short Questions and Answers in Civil Engineering by Vincent T. H. Chu

This book is intended primarily to arouse the interests of graduate engineers. assistant
engineers and engineers in the technical aspect of civil engineering works. The content of
the book mainly focuses on providing the reasons Of adoption Of the various current
practices of civil engineering.

By understanding the underlying principles of engineering
practices, graduate engineers/assistant engineers/engineers may develop an interest in civil
engineering works. It is also intended that the book will serve as a useful source Of
reference for practicing engineers.

Some of these questions are selected from the book and published in the column “The Civil
FAQ” in the monthly journal The Hong Kong Engineer under the Hong Kong Institution of
Engineer. Other than this book.

I have written another book called “Civil Engineering
Practical Notes A-Z” which contains similar format and targets to provide quick and
concise answers to frequently asked questions raised by engineers during their day-to-day
work. For reader who have any queries or feedback, the author Can be contacted at


  1. Bridge Works Q/ -26
  2. Concrete Structures Q I -24
  3. Drainage Works Q/ -19
  4. Earthworks QI-IO
  5. Piers and Marine Structures QI •18
  6. Roadworks Q] -22
  7. Pumping Station Q
  8. Reclamation Q/ – I I
  9. Water Retaining Structures and Waterworks QI -16
  10. Pipe Jacking and Microtunelling Q -6
  11. Piles and Foundation Q/ -30
  12. General QI-14

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