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PCA Notes On 318-11 (Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary )

In PCA Notes on ACI 318-11 Building Code, the emphasis is placed on “how-to-use” the code incorporating discussions behind the code provisions and fully worked design solutions to real world problems. The manual has been found to be also an invaluable aid to educators, contractors, materials and product manufacturers, building code authorities, inspectors, and others involved in the design, construction, and regulation of concrete structures. The over 900-page publication adds to the understanding of the art and science of structural engineering through presentation of the latest research and design procedures. By incorporating discussions of the history and philosophy of concrete design, the document strives to inform the reader of both the ‘letter of the law’ and, more importantly, the ‘spirit’ behind the code provisions

Reference: Fanella, D. A., Ghosh, S. K., & Rabbat, B. G. (Eds.). (2011). Notes on ACI 318-11: Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete, PCA.

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