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Tekla Structural Design Suite 2023 2

Tekla Structural Design Suite 2023

Tekla Structural Design Suite 2023 combines Tedds and Structural Designer, this combination offers a complete set of tools for analysis, design and calculation of structures.

Tekla Structural Designer

Tekla Structural Designer is software that gives engineers the power to analyze and design buildings efficiently and cost-effectively. Tekla Structural Designer seamlessly combines design and analysis in a simple and efficient task based on a single model.

Fully automated and uniquely packed with optimal design in concrete and steel, Tekla Structural Designer helps engineering businesses win more projects and maximize profits.

tekla tedds

Tekla Tedds is a powerful structural analysis software, designed to automate repetitive calculations. Reduces repetitive hand calculations and provides reliable element design due to its extensive library of quality-assured, easy-to-inspect calculations.

This software automates calculations improving productivity and engineering quality by replacing tedious and time-consuming manual calculations. Not only does it have a quality-assured library of multi-material code compliant calculations, it also gives users the flexibility to create additional calculations and design documents that are elegant and attractive.

What’s new in Tekla Structural Design Suite 2023

  • What’s new in Tekla Structural Designer 2023, click here
  • What’s new in Tekla Tedds 2023, click here

Available applications:

  • Tekla Structural Designer v23.2.0.79
  • Tekla Tedds v25.1.0000
  • Engineering library v25.4.0000

system requirements

  • Operating system:  Windows 10/11 (64-bit only)
  • Ram Memory: 16 GB Minimum
  • Screen resolution: 1920×1080 or higher


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