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SAP2000 v 25 Full (2023) 2

SAP2000 v 25 Full (2023)

CSI Sap2000 v25, structural calculation software, presents a graphical modeling environment based on 3D objects, and a wide variety of analysis and design options fully integrated into a very sophisticated and intuitive user interface.

Sap2000 is used to create structural models quickly and intuitively, it covers practically all the needs of structural analysis and design. It is possible to carry out from a small and simple 2D analysis of static frames, to non-linear dynamic analysis of complex 3D elements.

What’s new in Sap2000 v25 

  • A tree-structured Model Explorer has been added for faster model navigation. This can be used to define and assign properties and loads, review model geometry, control display, and perform other functions.
  • Frame hinge mapping presets, including distributed plasticity, are now available.
  • Automatic wind loading, automatic seismic loading, and response spectrum functions have been added based on ASCE 7-22.
  • Automatic wind load, automatic seismic load and response spectrum functions have been added based on NBCC 2020.
  • NBCC 2015 automatic wind loading now handles the dynamic procedure for open and rough terrain.
  • AS 4100-2020 Steel Structure Design is now available.
  • JGJ/T 483-2020 high-strength steel materials have been added to the Chinese material library.
  • Detailed data for a single database table row is now available.

system requirements

  • Operating system:  Windows 10/11 (64-bit only)
  • Ram Memory:  8 GB Minimum
  • Screen resolution: 1024×768 or higher


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