Civil MDC

Sustainability Issues in Civil Engineering by G.L. Sivakumar Babu, Sireesh Saride, B. Munwar Basha

Table of contents :
Front Matter….Pages i-xv Front Matter….Pages 1-1 Sustainable Usage of Construction and Demolition Materials in Roads and Footpaths….Pages 3-13 A Few Dilemmas Pertaining Transportation Infrastructures and Their Sustainability….Pages 15-33 Bitumen-Stabilised Materials for Sustainable Road Infrastructure….Pages 35-50 Sustainable Transportation for Indian Cities: Role of Intelligent Transportation Systems….Pages 51-60 Economic Sustainability Considerations in Asphalt Pavement Design….Pages 61-71 Sustainable Design of Indian Rural Roads with Reclaimed Asphalt Materials….Pages 73-90 Sustainability of Railway Tracks….Pages 91-104 Using System Dynamics to Identify, Evaluate, and Implement Sustainable Policies and Practices in the Road Construction Industry….Pages 105-121 Front Matter….Pages 123-123 Resilient and Sustainable Geotechnical Solution: Lessons Learned from the 2011 Great East Japan Disaster….Pages 125-151 Reinforced Piled Embankments for Sustainable Infrastructure Development….Pages 153-173 Experimental Modeling of Unsaturated Intermediate Geomaterials for Sustainable Design of Geotechnical Infrastructure….Pages 175-197 Underground Space for Sustainable Urban Development: Experiences from Urban Underground Metro Constructions in India….Pages 199-222 Sand–Tire Chip Mixtures for Sustainable Geoengineering Applications….Pages 223-241 Evaluation of Bioreactor Landfill as Sustainable Land Disposal Method….Pages 243-254 Front Matter….Pages 255-255 Assessment of Landfill Sustainability….Pages 257-269 Approaches to Selecting Sustainable Technologies for Remediation of Contaminated Sites: Case Studies….Pages 271-306 Disinfection of Water Using Pulsed Power Technique: Effect of System Parameters and Kinetic Study….Pages 307-336 Front Matter….Pages 337-337 Pre-engineered Bamboo Structures: A Step Towards Sustainable Construction….Pages 339-344 Sustainability: Way Forward in Architectural Engineering….Pages 345-354 Harnessing Sustainable Solutions Through Challenges: A Case Study of World Record Long-Distance Pumping of Concrete….Pages 355-367

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