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Green Buildings and Sustainable Engineering by Harald Drück, Radhakrishna G. Pillai, Manoj G Tharian, Aysha Zeneeb Majeed 2

Green Buildings and Sustainable Engineering by Harald Drück, Radhakrishna G. Pillai, Manoj G Tharian, Aysha Zeneeb Majeed

Table of contents :
Front Matter ….Pages i-xxvi Front Matter ….Pages 1-1 LST Mapping of SPV to Gauge Their Influence on Near-Surface Air Temperature of New Delhi City (Khushal Matai, Shweta Manchanda)….Pages 3-24 Recent Developments in Latent Heat Energy Storage Systems Using Phase Change Materials (PCMs)—A Review (Laxman Mishra, Abhijit Sinha, Rajat Gupta)….Pages 25-37 Portable Bio-electric Plant (M Geo James, Subin Suresh, Nikil Thomas Abraham)….Pages 39-47 Structural Health Monitoring of Smart Composites: A Review (Ruby Maria Syriac, A. B. Bhasi)….Pages 49-59 Influence of Soil-Structure Interaction on the Structural Performance of D-30 Transmission Line Tower (Anitha Varghese, Job Thomas)….Pages 61-71 Estimation of Heat Loss Factor with the Tilt Angle in a Solar Thermal Flat-Plate Collector (Anjan Karmakar, Agnimitra Biswas, Jibin T. Philip, Basil Kuriachen)….Pages 73-79 Techno-Economic Analysis of a Grid-Connected Hybrid Solar–Wind Energy System (Monika Agrawal, Bharat Kumar Saxena, K. V. S. Rao)….Pages 81-92 Optimizing an On-Grid Hybrid Power System in Educational Institution in Tamil Nadu, India (J. Vishnupriyan, P. S. Manoharan)….Pages 93-103 Experimental Investigation on Fluidized Bed Gasifier Using Saw Dust as Biomass (Albin Joy, Amaljith, P. V. Afzal, T. Krishnadath, N. Nirmal, Sam Biju et al.)….Pages 105-111 Sustainable Energy Generation from Agricultural Crop Residues (Joel George, P. Arun, C. Muraleedharan)….Pages 113-123 Numerical Analysis and Power Prediction of a Savonius Hydrokinetic Turbine (Bony John, Rony N Thomas, James Varghese)….Pages 125-134 Front Matter ….Pages 135-135 Green Buildings from Industrial By-Product Phosphogypsum: Transforming Mass Housing in India for Sustainable Future (Sajo Francis)….Pages 137-144 Review on Applications of Smart Glass in Green Buildings (Ashwin Alias, R. Abhijith, Vineetha Thankachan)….Pages 145-149 Green Building Rating Systems from the Perspective of the Three Pillars of Sustainability Using Point Allocation Method (Nina Lazar, K. Chithra)….Pages 151-165 Energy Savings in a Building at Different Climatic Zones of India by Using Insulating Materials (Yogita Sharma, Bharat Kumar Saxena, K. V. S. Rao)….Pages 167-178 Comparative Study on the Effect of False Ceiling Materials on the Room Temperature (Maria Michael, Vishnu Sankar, Akshaya Paul, Anu Joy, V. J. Fainusa, C. Irine Raju)….Pages 179-187 Green Rating Credits for Waste Utilization in Construction (Nassif Nazeer Thaickavil, Job Thomas)….Pages 189-201 Building Systems Retrofitted with Building Automation System (BAS): Parametric Design Using TRIZ Methodology and Life Cycle Assessment (Jananee Rangaswamy, Tarun Kumar, Kriti Bhalla, Vishal Mishra)….Pages 203-213 Front Matter ….Pages 215-215 Analysis of the Master Planning Process in India for Its Failure in Factoring in Environmental Consideration (P. P. Anil Kumar, Ashikha Raoof)….Pages 217-225 A Novel Approach of IoT-Based Smart Greenhouse Farming System (S. Sofana Reka, Bharathi Kannamma Chezian, Sanjana Sangamitra Chandra)….Pages 227-235 Front Matter ….Pages 237-237 Comparison of Six-Phase and Three-Phase Induction Motors for Electric Vehicle Propulsion as an Improvement Toward Sustainable Transportation (Jeffin Francis, N. Aby Biju, Anupama Johnson, Jeswant Mathew, R. Sreepriya, Vishnu Sankar)….Pages 239-247 Design and Fabrication of Wheeled Inverted Pendulum Human Transporter (Ashwath Nambiar, K. R. Athul Krishna, M. K. Nirmal, Bijil John, Vishnu Sankar, P. N. Jithin)….Pages 249-258 Regulating Travel Demand for Sustainable Transport: Road Pricing Versus Incentive Schemes (Uday Sankar Kandolath)….Pages 259-264 Front Matter ….Pages 265-265 Dynamic Study and Analysis of Gravity Dam Considering Foundation Interaction Effect and Sloshing Effect (Margaret Abraham, Nissy Susan Mani, Anu Mathew, Deepthi I Gopinath, Arun Balan)….Pages 267-280 Development of Gutenberg–Richter Recurrence Relationship Using Earthquake Data (Shivamanth Angadi, Apurva Hiravennavar, Mayank K. Desai, Chandresh H. Solanki, Goudappa R. Dodagoudar)….Pages 281-288 Front Matter ….Pages 289-289 Elimination of Toxic Heavy Metals from Aqueous Systems Using Potential Biosorbents: A Review (S. Rangabhashiyam, R. Jayabalan, M. Asok Rajkumar, P. Balasubramanian)….Pages 291-311 Inhibition Assays of Urease for Detecting Trivalent Chromium in Drinking Water (Rushikesh Fopase, Suman Nayak, Monalisha Mohanta, Paresh Kale, P. Balasubramanian)….Pages 313-323 Modeling Biochar Yield and Syngas Production During the Pyrolysis of Agro-Residues (G. Swagathnath, S. Rangabhashiyam, Kar Parthsarathi, S. Murugan, P. Balasubramanian)….Pages 325-336 Optimization of Etherification Reactions for Recycling of Tea Fungal Biomass Waste into Carboxymethylcellulose (Iragavarapu Akhil Gargey, Dash Indira, R. Jayabalan, P. Balasubramanian)….Pages 337-346 Erosion Identification and Assessment of a Steel Pipeline Using EMI Technique (S. N. Khante, Nidhi Jain)….Pages 347-355 Front Matter ….Pages 357-357 Emergence of Nanomodified Fibres as Soil Reinforcement—A Review (R. Aswathy, K. S. Beena)….Pages 359-365 Heat Transfer Enhancement in a Circular Tube Fitted with Twisted Tape Having Continuous Cut Edges Using CuO-Water Nanofluid (Veeresh Fuskele, R. M. Sarviya)….Pages 367-383 Front Matter ….Pages 385-385 Supplementary Cement Replacement Materials for Sustainable Concrete (Job Thomas, Nassif Nazeer Thaickavil, T. N. Syamala)….Pages 387-403 Partial Replacement of Aggregates with Granulated Waste Plastic in Solid Concrete Blocks—An Intensive Study (Aysha Zeneeb Majeed, Tressa Kurian, Babitha Davis, Shaun Thomas Alex, Kevin Shelly Fernandez, Amala V. Mathew)….Pages 405-415 Compressive Strength and Water Absorption Characteristics of Fly Ash and Wood Ash Replaced Cement Mortar Bricks (L. Divakar, R. K. Chethan Gowda, Abhishek Pulgur, H. C. Maruthi)….Pages 417-422 Influence of Steel Fibres on Mechanical Properties of Geopolymer Concrete (Abhishek Pulgur, L. Divakar, R. K. Chethan Gowda, B. Nagesh)….Pages 423-430 Solid-State Reduction Studies on Manganese Ores (Jibin Noble, Krishna Kant Prasad)….Pages 431-443 A Study on Effect of Additives on Strength Characteristics of Marine Clay (Anu Mathew, Nikhil Sivaramakrishnan, Sobha Cyrus, M. Kavitha)….Pages 445-455 A Brief Study of the Particulate Matter Emissions During the EDM Process (Anand Prakash Dwivedi, Sounak Kumar Choudhury)….Pages 457-465 A Preliminary Study of the Air Pollutants Discharge During the Electric Discharge Machining Process (Anand Prakash Dwivedi, Sounak Kumar Choudhury)….Pages 467-475

Green Buildings and Sustainable Engineering by Harald Drück, Radhakrishna G. Pillai, Manoj G Tharian, Aysha Zeneeb Majeed 3

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