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Environmental Engineering V : by Pawlowska, Malgorzata; Pawlowski, Lucjan (2018) 2

Environmental Engineering V : by Pawlowska, Malgorzata; Pawlowski, Lucjan (2018)

Table of contents :
Content: Cover Half Title Title Page Copyright Page Table of Contents Preface About the editors Safety analysis of water supply to water treatment plant The use of geographical information system in the analysis of risk of failure of water supply network Method for forecasting the failure rate index of water pipelines Ground water levels of a developing wetland-implications for water management goals Detection of potential anomalies in flood embankments Stochastic model for estimating the annual number of storm overflow discharges. Assessment of water supply diversification using the Pielou indexReduction of water losses through metering of water supply network districts Potential DBD-jet applications for preservation of nutritive compounds on the example of vitamin C in water solutions Modeling and predicting the concentration of volatile organic chlorination by-products in Krakow drinking water The carbon and nitrogen stable isotopes content in sediments as an indicator of the trophic status of artificial water reservoirs Design errors in working water and sludge installations in industrial plants. Impact of UV disinfection on microbial growth in drinking waterElectron microscopy assessment of the chemical composition of sediments from water supply pipes Effect of chemical coagulants on the sedimentation properties of activated sludge Bacteria from on-site wastewater treatment facilities as enzymes producers for applications in environmental technologies Evaluation of the possibilities of water and sewage sludge disposal Application of iron sludge from water purification plant for pretreatment of reject water from sewage sludge treatment. Magnetic separation of submicron particles from aerosol phaseTreatment of wastewater from textile industry in biological aerated filters Hydroecological investigations of water objects located on urban areas An influence of sludge compost application on heavy metals concentration in willow biomass An influence of municipal sewage sludge and mineral wool application on sorption properties of coarse-grained soil Nitrate monoionic form of anion exchanger as a means for enhanced nitrogen fertilization of degraded soils. The process generation of WWTP models for optimization of activated sludge systemsOxidation of organic pollutants in photo-Fenton process in presence of humic substances Gas sensors array as a device to classify mold threat of the buildings Operation of detention pond in urban area-example of Wys?cigi Pond in Warsaw Hydraulic equations for vortex separators dimensioning Gaseous fuel production from biomass using gasification process with CO2 emission reduction Methane emissions and the possibility of its mitigation.

Environmental Engineering V : by Pawlowska, Malgorzata; Pawlowski, Lucjan (2018) 3

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