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Bentley RCDC Connect Edition + Patch 2

Bentley RCDC Connect Edition + Patch

STAAD.Pro V8i SELECTseries half dozen ( introduces the most recent enhancements to the world’s leading analysis and style application. This latest version includes a brand new Interactive Editor Commands area unit created with a strong Intellisense service. a brand new Building Planner Mode has been more that has a completely integrated mode to make multi-story buildings and integrated with the RCDC style application. Associate in Nursing updated Advanced Analysis thinker which might lead to a performance boost for a few larger models. There area unit a lot of new and increased existing style codes together with increased AISC 360 style choices adding bigger flexibility. There area unit new steel style modules to S16-14 and SANS 10162:2011 with concrete styles to ACI 318-11 and SP sixty three.13330.2011.

RCDC (SACD) V11.02
Release Notes
RCDC V11.02.00 is here with new features enhancing the design capabilities. The
newly introduced features are:

1 General
Addition of German Annex to Euro code – DIN EN 1992-1-
1/NA :2013-04
2 General Addition of American code ACI 318M-19
3 General RCDC compatible with Windows 11
4 General Enhancements
5 General Defects Resolved

RCDC (SACD) V11.02
Addition of German Annex to Euro code – DIN EN 1992-1-1/NA
German Annex to Euro code – DIN EN 1992-1-1/NA :2013-04 is added in RCDC. Design
of Columns, Shear Walls, Beams, Footings, Pile-caps, Slabs and tank structures as per
Euro code – DIN EN 1992-1-1/NA :2013-04 are now available in RCDC. The details for
Ductile (seismic) design as per German Annex are under revision. Currently, the ductile
design of beams, columns and shear-walls is performed as per relevant clauses in base
EN code – BS EN 1998-1:2004(incorporating corrigendum July 2009).

General Addition of American code ACI 318M-19
ACI 318M-19 (American Standard) is added in RCDC. With this addition, all the
structural elements can now be designed using ACI 318M-19.
RCDC (SACD) V11.02

General RCDC compatible with Windows 11
RCDC is compatible with all new Windows 11. RCDC may ask for a system
restart/reboot after installation of latest version.
General Enhancements
Following are the Enhancements made in this release.
 ADO ID – 676426 – Issue in identifying column type as Lateral if column is starting
from plate element.
In the earlier versions, RCDC was identifying column as floating column if it is
starting from plate element. As it was identifying it as a floating column, it was not
allowing user to define it as Lateral type for ductile design.
We are treating plate support as a fixed / pinned support, thus now onwards RCDC
will allow to define these columns as Lateral in ductile design.
 ADO ID – 745963 – RCDC should read the Load combinations created using other
load combinations
If any load combination is created using another load combination, RCDC was
showing reading error. This issue is now handled in RCDC and we are reading the
load combination even it is created using multiple other load combinations.
RCDC (SACD) V11.02

General Defects Resolved
Following are the list of Defects Resolved in this release.
 ADO ID – 666388 – Crash if the parametric surface forces are zero from analysis file
There was issue in generating design calculation report if forces available for
parametric surfaces are zero in all load combinations. Now this case is handled,
and design calculation reports are generated even if the forces are zero for
parametric surfaces from analysis file.
 ADO ID – 671436 – Tank wall and slab adding missing values in failure diagnostic
For design of tank wall and slab, some of the values were missing in failure
diagnostic report for shear failure. Now, all required values are added in the report.
 ADO ID – 758147 – Issue in auto design if parametric surface is added but not
meshed in STAAD.
The issue was occurring in design when user added the parametric surface in
STAAD model but did not merge the plates. RCDC was getting Zero thickness and
forces for that parametric surfaces. This issue has been resolved now. Design of all
parametric surfaces will be completed without any error. Design of parametric
surface without merge mesh is performed with nominal thickness and Zero forces.

 ADO ID – 775680 – Zero forces in wall (parametric surfaces) for ACI English unit
Issue of rounding values while fetching forces from parametric surfaces in case if
analysis file is created in English unit has been resolved. Now correct forces are
fetched and used for the column and wall design.
 ADO ID – 776610 – Slab design crash when provide High Imposed and Live load
In slab design due to High imposed and live loads, there was some issue occurred
in detailing if area of reinforcement is increased due to the shear check. Now the
logic of increasing the Area of reinforcement to satisfy shear check has been
improved. If the area of reinforcement is more than 1.5% due to high shear, RCDC
will try for the higher depth instead of increasing more reinforcement.
 ADO ID – 783164 – Issue in Auto Grouping of Lateral and Non-Ductile columns
Issue of Auto grouping of Lateral and Non-ductile column in few cases has been
resolved in this release. Now Correct Type of columns are shown in Auto grouping

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