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Accelerated Techniques for Concrete Paving (ACI 325.11R-01) 2

Accelerated Techniques for Concrete Paving (ACI 325.11R-01)


Airport authorities and road agencies face major challeng-es from increasing traffic volumes on existing airports, road-ways, and urban streets. Owners must repair or replace deteriorated pavements while maintaining traffic on these structures. Traditional pavement construction, repair, or re-placement solutions may no longer be universally acceptable due to increasing public impatience with traffic interruption. Traditional solutions are especially inappropriate in urban areas where congestion is severe. Accelerated construction techniques for port land cement concrete pavement resolve these problems by providing quick public access to a high-quality, long-lasting pavement. Accelerated construction techniques are suitable for new construction, reconstruction, or resurfacing projects.

Accelerated construction for con-crete paving is often referred to as “fast-track” concrete pav-ing. Accelerated paving encompasses two classes of activities: technological methods to accelerate the rate ofstrength gain and contractual methods to minimize the con-struction time. Many methods exist to accelerate pavement construction.1Two traditional acceleration methods are time incentives andpenalties for project completion. Agencies have been usingthese time-of-completion incentives for many years, and of-ten contractors will meet these requirements by lengtheningthe work day or increasing the size of construction crews.Using accelerated paving techniques, a contractor often cancomplete a project without increasing crew size or changingnormal labor schedules.

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