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Report on Foundations for Static Equipment 2

Report on Foundations for Static Equipment


Foundations for static equipment are used in industrial processing and manufacturing facilities throughout the world. Engineers with varying backgrounds are engaged inthe analysis, design, and construction of these foundations. They often perform their work with little guidance from building codes, national standards, owner’s specifications, or other published information. Because of this lack of consensus standards, most engineers rely on engineering judgment and experience. Some engineering firms and individuals, however, have developed their own standards and specifications as a result of research and development activities, field studies, or many years of engineering or construction experience.

Only by sharing and discussing this information can a meaningful consensus on engineering and construction requirements for static equipment foundations be developed. As used in this document, “state of the art” refers to state of the practice, and encompasses various engineering and construction methodologies.

his document presents various design criteria and methods and procedures of analysis, design, and construction currently being applied to static equipment foundations by industry practitioners. The purpose of this report is to present these various methods and elicit critical discussion from the industry. This report is not intended to be a recommended practice; rather, it is a document that encourages discussion and comparison of ideas

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