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Standard Specification for Cast-In-Place Architectural Concrete (ACI 303.1-97) 2

Standard Specification for Cast-In-Place Architectural Concrete (ACI 303.1-97)


P1. Standard Specification ACI 303.1 is intended to beused by reference or incorporation in its entirety in theProject Specifications. Individual sections, .COMarticles, or para-graphs shall not be copied into the Project Specifications,since taking them out of context may change their meaning.SI equivalents are provided for information only and are notpart of this specification.

P2. If sections or parts of Standard SpecificationACI 303.1 are edited into project specifications or any otherdocument, they shall not be referred to as ACI standards,since the Standard Specification has been altered.

P3. Building codes set minimum requirements necessaryto protect the public. This Standard Specification may stipu-late requirements more restrictive than the minimum. Ad-justments to the needs of a particular project shall be madeby the Architect/Engineer by reviewing each of the items inthe Specification Checklist and then including the Architect/Engineer’s decision on each item as a mandatory require-ment in the Project Specifications.

P4. These mandatory requirements designate the specificqualities, procedures, materials, and performance criteria forwhich the alternates are permitted or for which provisions by the American Concrete Institute, Farmington Hills,Michigan, except as modified by the requirements ofthese Contract Documents.

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