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Report on Soil Cement 2

Report on Soil Cement


This report contains information on applications, materials ,properties, mixture proportioning, design, construction, and quality-control inspection and testing procedures for soil cement. The intent of this report is to provide basic information on soil cement technology with an emphasis on current practice regarding mixture proportioning, properties, testing, and construction.

This report does not provide information on fluid or plastics oil cement, which has a mortar-like consistency at the timeof mixing and placing. Information on this type of materialis provided by ACI Committee 229. Roller-compacted concrete(RCC), a type of no-slump concrete compacted by vibratoryroller, is not covered in this report. ACI Committees 207 and327 addressed the subject of roller-compacted concrete (ACI207.5R and 325.10R).

The primary use of soil cement is as base material under-lying bituminous and concrete pavements. Other usesinclude upstream slope protection for dams; protection ofriver banks and associated grade-control structures; linersfor channels, reservoirs, and lagoons; and mass soil cementplacements for dikes and foundation stabilization.

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