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Specification for Unreinforced Concrete Parking Lots and Site Paving 2

Specification for Unreinforced Concrete Parking Lots and Site Paving


his specification covers requirements for the construction of unreinforced concrete parking lots and site paving on grade, including attached and integral curbs. Site paving includes entrance and exit lanes as well as drive lanes within parking areas.

1.1.2 Values in this specification are stated in inch-pound units. A companion specification in SI units is also available.

1.1.3 The Notes to Specifiers are not part of this specification.

The following definitions govern in this specification. For definitions not given below, refer to “ACI Concrete Terminology (ACI CT)”,—determined to be satisfactory by Architect/ Engineer or Owner.Architect/Engineer—the architect, engineer, architectural firm, or engineering firm developing Contract Documents or administering the Work under Contract Documents, or both.cold weather—a period when the average daily ambient temperature is below 4°C for more than three successive days.

Note: The average daily temperature is the average of the highest and lowest temperature during the period from midnight to midnight. When temperatures above 10°C occur during more than half of any 24-hour duration, the period shall no longer be regarded as cold joint—the surface where two successive placements of concrete meet, where the first placement has hardened before the next placement

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