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Guide for the Design and Construction of Concrete Parking Lots 2

Guide for the Design and Construction of Concrete Parking Lots


Concrete parking lots have many similarities to other typesof concrete pavement. On the other hand, parking lots differfrom other pavements in that most of the area is intended forstorage of vehicles and other goods rather than for movementof vehicles.

The design of concrete parking lots should follow enerally accepted procedures for concrete pavements asoutlined in this guide. Load-bearing capacity, drainage, crackcontrol, life-cycle cost, constructibility, and maintainability areother characteristics that are important in the design andconstruction of concrete pavements, including parking lots

ypically, concrete parking lots do not serve the same broadspectrum of traffic loading, from light vehicles to heavytrucks, as highways and arterial streets. Facilities designed toaccommodate both light vehicles and heavier delivery trucksmay employ traffic controls to separate and channel theheavier trucks away from areas designed for automobiles andlight trucks. Facilities designed for heavier vehicles are likelythose facilities where relatively accurate predictions of vehiclesizes and numbers are possible.

Facilities intended to serveonly light vehicles may have concrete parking lot slabs withthicknesses influenced by the practical limitations of thematerial and environmental effects rather than by the pavementstress created by vehicle loads. Durability-related distress isoften the most critical maintenance concern for lightly loadedconcrete parking lot pavements, which are subject to theeffects of fuels and lubricants leaked from vehicles as well asenvironmental influences. Vehicles in parking areas usuallytravel at low speeds, diminishing the importance of smoothnesstolerances.

Because parking lots must also accommodatepedestrians, designs and geometrics should reflect pedestriansafety considerations including crosswalks, a slip-resistantsurface texture, and nighttime illumination

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