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Information Delivery Manual (IDM) for Cast-in-Place Concrete 2

Information Delivery Manual (IDM) for Cast-in-Place Concrete


An information delivery manual (IDM) defines exchange requirements in the context of reference industry processes. IDMs are defined by end users and practicing professionals to support the process in which they are expert.

The resulting IDM serves to define the exchange requirements for one or more building information modeling (BIM) transactions. The IDM is focused on end-user exchange requirements supporting a given set of workflows.

The exchange require-ments are captured by developing a process model that defines the context of the workflows of interest. The process model identifies the sets of use case exchanges being addressed, the tasks involved in each phase of the project, and the exchange requirements that will enhance the workflow.

The various components of the IDM capture the user needs and specification of the exchanges in a form that can serve as the func-tional requirements for the technical exchange specification, called a model view definition (MVD).

Thus, the IDM is developed by users to specify what they need for a target workflow, to be translated later by the MVD into computer-implementable code. This report defines the functional data exchange requirements and workflow scenarios for exchanges among all the entities involved in the cast-in-place (CIP) concrete supply chain during each phase of a project.

There are a wide variety of CIP concrete elements used in construction projects, including different types of footings, beams, columns, walls, slabs, ramps, corbels, piles, and piers.

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