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Port Management and Operations Burns, Maria G 2

Port Management and Operations Burns, Maria G

Book Description

Preference :
This book was written with the purpose of redefining the strategic role of global seaports in the present “Post-New Economy Era.” Ports are these remarkable human constructions that over centuries reflect the epitome of global evolution, economic growth, and innovation. As 70.8% of the global surface is covered by water, seaports reflect all sovereign nations’ political superiority and financial prosperity.

Ports are the pillars of global economy, trade, and transport: 80% of global commodities are carried by water; over 9000 seaports, harbors and inland waterways, and multiple terminals per port facilitate world trade by serving over 50,000 oceangoing ships while generating over 30% of the global GDP on an annual basis.

Historically, the rise and fall of empires has been associated with seaports, either through naval battles at times of war or through sea trade and transport at times of peace. In fact, superpowers and robust economies show their long-standing strength and dominance through seaports.

Content :

  • Introduction
  • Connecting Hub Port Gateways to the Inland Infrastructure
  • Port Management and Economic Growth
  • Port Operations
  • Port and Terminal Investment
  • Ships’ Size, Ports’ Size: A New Era Ahead
  • Strategic Alliances, Market Positioning, and Differentiation
  • Key Performance Indicators as Tools of Strategic Planning and Management
  • Leadership and Teambuilding
  • Port Authorities and Regulatory Framework
  • Ports as a Bridge to Maritime and Offshore Energy Activities
  • The Future of Ports

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