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Groundwater Lowering in Construction-A Practical Guide to Dewatering Pat M. Cashman 2

Groundwater Lowering in Construction-A Practical Guide to Dewatering Pat M. Cashman

Book Description

Preference :
Many engineering projects, especially major ones, entail excavations into water-bearing soils. For all such excavations, appropriate system(s) for the management and control of the groundwater and surface water runoff should be planned before the start of each project.

In practice, this can only be done with the knowledge of the ground and groundwater conditions likely to be encountered by reference to site investigation data. The control of groundwater (and also surface water runoff) is invariably categorized as “temporary works” and, therefore, is almost always regarded by the client and the engineer or architect as the sole responsibility of the contractor and of little or no concern of theirs. In many instances, this philosophy has been demonstrated to be shortsighted and ultimately costly to the client.

Content :

  • 1 Groundwater Lowering: A Personal View and Introduction by
  • 2 The History of Groundwater Theory and Practice
  • 3 Principles of Groundwater Flow
  • 4 Permeability of Soils and Rocks
  • 5 Groundwater Models
  • 6 Objectives of Groundwater Control
  • 7 Groundwater Problems for Excavations in Soils
  • 8 Groundwater Problems for Excavations in Rock
  • 9 Methods for Control of Surface Water and Groundwater
  • 10 Groundwater Control for Tunnelling Projects
  • 11 Site Investigation for Groundwater Lowering
  • 12 Assessment of Permeability
  • 13 Design of Groundwater Lowering Systems
  • 14 Sump Pumping
  • 15 Wellpoint Systems
  • 16 Deep Well Systems
  • 17 Other Dewatering Systems
  • 18 Methods for Exclusion of Groundwater
  • 19 Pumps for Groundwater Lowering Duties
  • 20 Permanent Groundwater Control Systems
  • 21 Environmental Impacts from Groundwater Control
  • 22 Monitoring of Groundwater Control Systems
  • 23 Maintenance of Groundwater Lowering Systems
  • 24 Decommissioning of Groundwater Control Systems
  • 25 Safety, Contracts and Environmental Regulation
  • 26 Optimization of Groundwater Control Systems
  • 27 Case Histories
  • 28 The Future

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