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Temporary Structure Design Christopher Souder 2

Temporary Structure Design Christopher Souder

Book Description

Preference :

In construction management and civil engineering programs, students are required to take statics and strength of material classes in preparation for their successors. The successor might be a generic “structures” course, a temporary structure course, or maybe no successor course at all.

Whichever direction the curriculum goes, the basics of statics and strength of materials is the common denominator. This book has been written under the assumption that the student has a background in statics and the strength of materials and these skills only need to be refined.

Temporary structures utilize many of the less complicated aspects of statics and strength of materials, so even if the student did not master the two prerequisites, he should still be successful in the subject matter of this book. In addition, the temporary structure design is a very practical subject, and the student should be energized to see that the challenges that this book covers are real construction situations that the student will experience for his or her entire career.

Content :

  • 1 Statics Review
  • 2 Strength of Materials Review 
  • 3 Types of Loads on Temporary Structures
  • 4 Scaffolding Design
  • 5 Soil Properties and Soil Loading
  • 6 Soldier Beam, Lagging, and Tiebacks
  • 7 Sheet Piling and Strutting
  • 8 Pressure and Forces on Formwork and Falsework
  • 9 Concrete Formwork Design
  • 10 Falsework Design 
  • 11 Bracing and Guying
  • 12 Trestles and Equipment Bridges
  • 13 Support of Existing Structures
  • Appendixes 

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