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Structural Cross Sections. Analysis and Design Naveed Anwar 2

Structural Cross Sections. Analysis and Design Naveed Anwar

Book Description

Preference :
The cross-sections and their properties are a basic component in almost all aspects of the analysis and design of structures. In fact, the primary objective of an efficient design process is to proportion the cross-sections of structural elements to resist the applied load effects and actions.

Also, the preliminary dimensions and properties of cross-sections are required to start the modeling and analysis process for the structural system, to pre- pare initial cost estimates, and even to refine the basic space planning and utilization schemes. It is the key role cross-sections play in overall struc- tural behavior, analysis, and design, which motivated authors to write a book focusing on their basic understanding and behavior, with an empha- sis on computer applications.

Content :

  • Structures and Structural Design
  • Understanding Cross-Sections
  • Axial–Flexural Response of Cross-Sections
  • Response and Design for Shear and Torsion
  • Response and Design of Column Cross-Sections
  • Ductility of Cross-Sections
  • Retrofitting of Cross-Sections
  • Software Development and Application for the Analysis of Cross-Sections
  • Appendix A – Cross-Sectional Properties of Some Common Shapes
  • Appendix B – Torsional Constant Factors

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