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Excel Data Analysis: Modeling and Simulation Hector Guerrero 2

Excel Data Analysis: Modeling and Simulation Hector Guerrero

Book Description

Preference :
This book is targeted at the student or practitioner who is looking for a single introductory Excel-based resource that covers three essential business skills—data analysis, business modeling, and simulation.

I have successfully used this material with undergraduates, MBAs, and executive MBAs and in executive education programs. For my students, the book has been the main teaching resource for both semester and half-semester-long courses. The examples used in the books are sufficiently flexible to guide teaching goals in many directions.

Content :

  • Introduction to Spreadsheet Modeling
  • Presentation of Quantitative Data: Data Visualization
  • Analysis of Quantitative Data
  • Presentation of Qualitative Data—Data Visualization
  • Analysis of Qualitative Data
  • Inferential Statistical Analysis of Data
  • Modeling and Simulation: Part 1
  • Modeling and Simulation: Part 2
  • Solver, Scenarios, and Goal Seek Tools

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