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Fundamentals of Transportation Engineering Jon D. Fricker 2

Fundamentals of Transportation Engineering Jon D. Fricker

Preference :
This is the seventh version of Edition 2. The first edition of Fundamentals of Transportation Engineering(FTE1) was published in 2004. Since 2004, new editions of several well-known manuals and otherreferences have been published. Furthermore, much of the data that appeared in FTE1 has becomeoutdated.

For these reasons, the second edition of FTE was published in June 2014 and distributed, followed by several subsequent versionsAs with the previous versions, Fundamentals of Transportation Engineering continues to:(1) Cover topics beyond the highway mode.

Chapters 10-12 cover the transit, air, and freight modes.Chapter 13 on Sustainable Transportation includes non-motorized transportation and newtechnologies.(2) Allow use of reading assignments to replace a traditional “lecture”. This increases class time fortaking student questions about the reading, working problems, and facilitating discussions. 

Content :

  • 1. Transportation Basics.
  • 2. Traffic Flow: Theory and Analysis.
  • 3. Highway Design for Performance.
  • 4. Modeling Transportation Demand and Supply.
  • 5. Planning and Evaluation for Decision-Making.
  • 6. Safety on the Highway.
  • 7. Highway Design for Safety.
  • 8. Design of Intersections for Safety and Efficiency.
  • 9. Highway Design for Rideability (Pavement Design).
  • 10. Public Mass Transportation.
  • 11. Air Transportation and Airports.
  • 12. Moving Freight.
  • 13. Toward a Sustainable Transportation System.

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