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Australian Guidebook for Structural Engineers Lonnie Pack 2

Australian Guidebook for Structural Engineers Lonnie Pack

Book Description

Preference :
This text aims to bridge the gap between Australian Standards, textbooks and industry knowledge. After years of work in the industry, many engineers will have created a library of calculations, specifications and standards that can be used to help complete projects.

It is hoped that this compendium of resources helps to create a useful set of references that can aid engineers in the expedient delivery of design projects. Many examples and information in this document are drawn from the mining and oil and gas industries.

A multidiscipline engineering project requires close and coordinated work between engineers and designers of the same and other disciplines. A clear scope and list of deliverables is imperative, along with a structured formwork of how to achieve the desired outcome.

Content :

  • 1 Setting up the project
  • 2 Design
  • 3 Steel design
  • 4 Concrete design
  • 5 Geotechnical
  • 6 Design items
  • 7 Design aids
  • 8 Vendor catalogues
  • 9 Notations and abbreviations

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