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Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop 5th Edition by Michael Law, Amy Collins

Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop is a workbook for students and
professionals who are getting started in the field of geographic information
systems (GIS). Its detailed, step-by-step exercises teach you the core
functionality of ArcGIS Desktop software: how to make maps, carry out
spatial analysis, and build and edit spatial databases in the context of realistic
projects. The exercises are supported by conceptual discussions at the start of
each chapter and as needed throughout the book. Abundant color graphics
confirm your progress along the way.
Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop is a hands-on workbook that’s meant to
be a practical manual for classroom lab work or on-the-job training. If you
have no GIS background, chapter 1 will give you a quick overview. If you
have no ArcGIS software experience, chapter 2 will provide a background on
Esri GIS software products. The remaining 18 chapters require you to work
through software exercises as you read. Each of these chapters contains two
to four exercises that focus on a particular GIS task or problem. Many
common tasks are covered, including navigating digital maps, finding GIS
data online, setting map projections, symbolizing and labeling maps,
classifying data, making map layouts, building spatial databases, editing data,
geocoding addresses, querying maps, processing data, and analyzing spatial
About the software and data
Exercises are designed to be performed using ArcGIS Desktop 10.6. If you
are using an older version of ArcGIS, you will be able to do most of the
exercises, but your results may be somewhat different.

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