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Engineering Economic Analysis [14th Edition] by Don Newnan, Ted Eschenbach, Jerome Lavelle, Neal Lewis

Our goal has been, and still is, to provide an easy-to-understand and up-todate
presentation of engineering economic analysis for today’s students. That
means the book’s writing style must promote the reader’s understanding. We
humbly note that our approach has been well received by engineering
professors—and more importantly, by engineering students through multiple
Hallmarks of this Book
Since it was first published, this text has become the market-leading book for
the engineering economy course. It has always been characterized by
•A focus on practical applications. One way to encourage students to read
the book, and to remember and apply what they have learned in this course, is
to make the book interesting. And there is no better way to do that than to
infuse the book with real-world examples, problems, and vignettes.
•Accessibility. We meet students where they are. Most don’t have any
expertise in accounting or finance. We take the time to explain concepts
carefully while helping students apply them to engineering situations.
•Superior instructor and student support packages. To make this course
easier to understand, learn, and teach, Oxford University Press has produced
the best support package available. We offer more for students and
instructors than any competing text.

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