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Universal Unit Converter 2

Universal Unit Converter

This is universal Unit converter, used in every engineering discipline. Converter is used in the following Engineering Disciplines.

Computer Science Engineering Converter
Electronics  Engineering Converter
Electrical engineering Converter
Mechanical Engineering Converter
Information Technology Engineering Converter
Civil Engineering Converter
Chemical Engineering Converter
Aeronautical Engineering Converter
Agricultural engineering Converter
Mining engineering Converter
Biochemical engineering Converter
Metallurgical Engineering Converter
Technology  Converter

Everyone in our office has this engineering unit conversion calculator on their computer.  It proves invaluable time and again when an exact conversion from one set of engineering units to another is required quickly.  In addition to pressure, torque, force and distance, there are a wealth of other things that it can convert including temperature and computer bits & bytes!

So, save yourself some time looking through unit conversion tables and download this easy to use engineering unit conversion calculator.

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