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Seismic Design of Reinforced and Precast Concrete Buildings

Cutting-edge coverage of the seismic-resistant technologies used inconcrete structures Seismic Design of Reinforced and Precast Concrete Buildingsexplores a comprehensive body of experimentally developedconclusions, extending this base to design-relevant relationshipsand limit states that are reduced to usable forms. Focus throughoutthe book is given to developing a potent integration of knowledgeand imagination to create the highest quality structural systemscapable of attaining performance objectives in design-levelearthquakes. This powerful reference tool is packed with broad-rangingmaterial–from fundamental principles to state-of-the-art,seismic-resistant technologies, as well as algorithms that arethoroughly developed to be highly adaptable–offering the mostcomplete guidance to precast bracing systems. Through illustrativeexamples, the author develops several imaginative approaches usedto design constructed buildings. These concepts are detailed todemonstrate the benefits of imaginative problem solving forcreating better structural systems based on rational analysis andexperimental evidence. Visually enhanced with hundreds of informative drawings, SeismicDesign of Reinforced and Precast Concrete Buildings is the resourceengineers, contractors, building code officials, and architectsneed at their fingertips.

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