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SAP2000 - Software Verification Examples BY CSI 2

SAP2000 – Software Verification Examples BY CSI

This document provides example problems used to test various features and capabilities of the SAP2000 program. The problems demonstrate the adequacy of the program for use in all applications, including safety-related nuclear, as governed by 10CFR50 requirements as well as other international QA standards, such as ISO 9000 requirements. SAP2000 is the latest release of the SAP series of computer programs. SAP is a finite analysis program that was initially developed at the University of California-Berkeley more than 25 years ago. Since development, SAP has been used widely for structural analysis. The ongoing usage of the program coupled with continuing program upgrades are strong indicators that most program bugs have been identified and corrected.

SAP2000 - Software Verification Examples BY CSI 3

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