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Handbook of Structural Engineering 2nd Edition by Wai-Fah Chen

Structural Engineering Contents 1 Basic Theory of Plates and Elastic Stability Eiki Yamaguchi 2 Structural Analysis J.Y. Richard Liew, N.E. Shanmugam, and C.H. Yu 3 Structural Steel Design1 E. M. Lui 4 Structural Concrete Design2 Amy Grider and Julio A. Ramirez and Young Mook Yun 5 Earthquake Engineering Charles Scawthorn 6 Composite Construction Edoardo Cosenza and Riccardo Zandonini 7 Cold-Formed Steel Structures Wei-Wen Yu 8 Aluminum Structures Maurice L. Sharp 9 Timber Structures Kenneth J. Fridley 10 Bridge Structures Shouji Toma, Lian Duan, and Wai-Fah Chen 11 Shell Structures Clarence D. Miller 12 Multistory Frame Structures J. Y. Richard Liew and T. Balendra and W. F. Chen 13 Space Frame Structures Tien T. Lan 14 Cooling Tower Structures Phillip L. Gould and Wilfried B. Krätzig 15 Transmission Structures Shu-jin Fang, Subir Roy, and Jacob Kramer 16 Performance-Based Seismic Design Criteria For Bridges Lian Duanand Mark Reno

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