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Health monitoring of bridges Book by Helmut Wenzel 2

Health monitoring of bridges Book by Helmut Wenzel

Health Monitoring of Bridges prepares the bridge engineeringcommunity for the exciting new technological developments happeningin the industry, offering the benefit of much research carried outin the aerospace and other industrial sectors and discussing thelatest methodologies available for the management of bridge stock. Health Monitoring of Bridges: Includes chapters on the hardware used in health monitoring,methodologies, applications of these methodologies (materials,methods, systems and functions), decision support systems, damagedetection systems and the rating of bridges and methods of riskassessment. Covers both passive and active monitoring approaches. Offers directly applicable methods and as well as prolificexamples, applications and references. Is authored by a world leader in the development of healthmonitoring systems. Includes free software that can be downloaded from ahref=”” and providesthe raw data of benchmark projects and the key resultsachieved. This book provides a comprehensive guide to all aspects of thestructural health monitoring of bridges for engineers involved inall stages from concept design to maintenance. It will also appealto researchers and academics within the civil engineering andstructural health monitoring communities.

Health monitoring of bridges Book by Helmut Wenzel 3

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