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GUIDELINES FOR BRIDGE DESIGN by Konkan Bhavan, Navi Mumbai

The Engineers, who join this organisation, have to study various codes and books for considerable time to bring themselves up to a desired level of knowledge, as many of them are not in touch with the requisite literature. They do not get proper references at the required moment. They do not precisely know the practices followed in the State P.W.D. as regards the design of bridges and buildings. It was, therefore, considered necessary to prepare guidelines, which will help the engineers to know our practices and also know some useful references for further study. An effort has been made to discuss almost all aspects relating to the bridge design, which are necessary for preparing ‘Bridge Project’ and further preparing the detailed designs. One practical example is also enclosed as annexure to understand the process better. It may please be remembered that these guidelines are useful for the beginners in Bridge Design. The provisions are only guiding principles and hence the designer should also study Text Books, Codes, and Specifications etc. for preparing the Designs.

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