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Details and Detailing of Concrete Reinforcement (ACI 315-99)

This document provides standards of practice for both the architect/engineer (A/E) and reinforcing steel detailer in showing reinforcing steel details. It is divided into three parts: one addressed to the A/E, one for the detailer, and a third providing a reference table and figures. It defines the responsibilities of both the A/E and detailer. It then establishes certain standards of practice for both the structural and placing drawings. Keywords: beams (supports); bending (reinforcing steels); bridges (structures); buildings; columns (supports); concrete slabs; detailing; drafting (drawing); fabrication; floor systems; foundations; hooked reinforcing steels; microcomputers; placing drawings; reinforced concrete; reinforcing steels; splicing; stirrups; structural design; structural drawings; ties; tolerances (mechanics); walls; welded-wire fabric.

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