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Dynamics of Structures: Theory and applications to earthquake engineering by Anil K. Chopra (4th Edition)

Table of Contents I. Single Degree of Freedom Systems 1. Equations of Motion, Problem Statement, and Solution Methods 2. Free Vibration 3. Response to Harmonic and Periodic Excitations 4. Response to Arbitrary, Step, and Pulse Excitations 5. Numerical Evaluation of Dynamic Response 6. Earthquake Response of Linear Systems 7. Earthquake Response of Inelastic Systems 8. Generalized Single-Degree-of-Freedom Systems II. Multi Degree of Freedom Systems 9. Equations of Motion, Problem Statement, and Solution Methods 10. Free Vibration 11. Damping in Structures 12. Dynamic Analysis and Response of Linear Systems 13. Earthquake Analysis of Linear Systems 14. Analysis of Nonclassically Damped Linear Systems 15. Reduction of Degrees of Freedom 16. Numerical Evaluation of Dynamic Response 17. Systems with Distributed Mass and Elasticity 18. Introduction to the Finite Element Method III. Earthquake Response, Design, and Evaluation of Multistory Buildings 19. Earthquake Response of Linearly Elastic Buildings 20. Earthquake Analysis and Response of Inelastic Buildings 21. Earthquake Dynamics of Base-Isolated Buildings 22. Structural Dynamics in Building Codes 23. Structural Dynamics in Building Evaluation Guidelines

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