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Disaster Risk Science by Peijun Shi (2019) 2

Disaster Risk Science by Peijun Shi (2019)

This is the first English language book to systematically introduce basic theories, methods and applications of disaster risk science from the angle of different subjects including disaster science, emergency technology and risk management. Viewed from basic theories, disaster risk science consists of disaster system, formation mechanism and process, covering 3 chapters in this book. From the perspective of technical methods, disaster risk science includes measurement and assessment of disasters, mapping and zoning of disaster risk, covering 4 chapters in this book. From the angle of application practices, disaster risk science contains disaster management, emergency response and integrated disaster risk paradigm, covering 3 chapters in the book. The book can be a good reference for researchers, students, and practitioners in the field of disaster risk science and natural disaster risk management for more actively participating in and supporting the development of “disaster risk science”. Table of contents : Front Matter ….Pages i-xvi Hazards, Disasters, and Risks (Peijun Shi)….Pages 1-50 Regional Disaster System (Peijun Shi)….Pages 51-98 Disaster Formation Process (Peijun Shi)….Pages 99-166 Disaster Measurement, Statistics, and Assessment (Peijun Shi)….Pages 167-226 Disaster Risk Assessment (Peijun Shi)….Pages 227-329 Disaster Risk Map (Peijun Shi)….Pages 331-423 Disaster Risk Regionalization (Peijun Shi)….Pages 425-489 Disaster Risk Management (Peijun Shi)….Pages 491-539 Disaster Emergency Management and Response (Peijun Shi)….Pages 541-634 Integrated Disaster Risk Governance (Peijun Shi)….Pages 635-751 Correction to: Disaster Risk Science (Peijun Shi)….Pages E1-E1

Disaster Risk Science by Peijun Shi (2019) 3

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